Biuletyn Historii Pogranicza


Studies and articles

Darius Staliūnas, The Idea of the Jagiellonian Union in Lithuania in the end of XIX — at the beginning of XX Century, 4

Mikołaj Jafimowicz, The Bolshevik Press of Belarus in the Polish-Soviet War of 1919—1920, 22

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Andriej Czerniakiewicz, The Idea of the “Belarusian Piedmont” and the Minsk Treaty of 1920, 66

Sources and materials

Diana Maksimiuk, Unknown Documents Concerning the History of Bialystok Prisons the Verge of Independence (February—April 1919), 90

Justyna Hanula, Souvenirs of the Borderland Past in the Collection of the Sybir Memorial Museum, 102

Discussions and confrontations

Elena Pashkevich, Polish-Soviet War 1919—1920: Modern interpretation in Belarus,110

Krzysztof Buchowski, 1920 in Polish-Lithuanian Relations: Facts and Controversies,118

Elżbieta Smułkowa, “A frontier or Borderland?” — voice in the discussion, 124

Wojciech Śleszyński, Could the Katyn Massacre have not happened?, 130

Conferences and meetings

Scientific conference “Towards independence — North-East Direction 1918-1923” (P. Niziołek), 135

Scientific conference “Between the Eagle and the Pogon. Suwałki Region in the years 1918–1920″ (J. Wasilewski), 137

“History in the spaces of memory. Camp – place – museum. Scientific conference on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the State Museum at Majdanek” (A. Pyżewska),138

International scientific conference “To tell about the borderlands. Museum concepts and narratives” (M. Szarejko), 42

Sztych about Zych — the little homeland of Zygmunt Bujnowski (O. Skieterska),145

Scientific conference “The fate of Poles in the East of the nineteenth and twenty-first centuries. Resettlements, displacements, arrivals, returns and escapes “(S. Szarejko),147

80th anniversary of the first mass deportations to Sybir at the Sybir Memorial Museum (J. Roguz),150

“Katyn Pro Memoria” (M.Bartoszuk),153

Reviews and notes

Grzegorz Zackiewicz, In the Land of Exile. The Fate of Poles in Sybir until 1914, Sybir Memorial Museum (J. Snopko),156

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Bialystok Voivodes 1919–1944, edited by K. Sychowicz, J. Wasilewski (M. Markiewicz), 172