Biuletyn Historii Pogranicza

“Borderlands History Bulletin” number 13/2013

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Cezary Kuklo, About Adam Dobroński − Scientist, Teacher, Social Worker, 5


Jūratė Kįaupienė, Commonwealth of Many Nations and Its Significance for Today’s/Contemporary European Republic – Continuation of the Discussion About the History of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, 15

Zigmantas Kiaupa, Polish−Lithuanian Commonwealth in the Eyes of Its Contemporary Lithuanian Heirs, 29

Rimantas Miknys, Uprising of 1863 in Lithuania and Its Place in the Common European Heritage, 37

Kamil Piskała, Mieczysław Niedziałkowski’s Vilnius Years. From the History of the Youth Conspiracies Before the World War I, 47

Vitali Harmatny, The State Agricultural Bank of the Second Republic of Poland and Its Role in Carrying Out a Consolidation in Western Belarus (1919–1939), 67

Vitalija Stravinskienė, Interethnic Relations in Vilnius in the Years 1920–1939, 85

Wojciech Śleszyński, Infrastructure of Towns and Villages in Polesie in the Interwar Period, 101


Natalia Anofranka, Women of Noble Status in Belarus at the End of the 18th – First Half of the 19th Century: Social and Legal Status and Participation in Social Life, 115

Review articles, reviews and notes, pp. 135-154

Scientific chronicle, pp. 157-178

In memoriam, pp. 185