Biuletyn Historii Pogranicza


Cezary Kuklo, To Redactor Jan Jerzy Milewski with thanks, 6

Studies and articles

Aliaksandr Krautsevich,  Assessment of the Union of Lublin and Its Effects on Belarusian Historiography, 11

 Elmantas Meilus, The Union of Lublin in the Lithuanian Historiography of the 21st Century, 22

Wojciech Śleszyński, Could Polish People’s Republic Be Established in September 1939?, 42

Paweł Niziołek, The Giedź Forester’s Lodge and Its Immediate Surroundings as a Potential Burial Place of the Victims of the Augustów Roundup, 54

Lyubov Antonovna Kozik, Andrei Arkadyevich Prokhorov, The Events of the Second World War in Belarus. Polish and Russian School Publications, 65

Sources and materials

Przemysław Borowik, From the History of the Grodno Patriciate. Testament of the Mayor Kazimierz Ćwiklicz, 80

Discussions and confrontations

Wojciech Śleszyński, A frontier or Borderlands?, 100

 Anna Bogdanova, Studying and Preserving the Historical Memory of The Nazi Camp “Little Trostenets”, 104

Conferences and meetings

A meeting in the series “Polish-Belarusian Dialogue of Historians in Difficult Matters” (W. Śleszyński), 108

80th Anniversary of the Aggression of the Soviet Union for Poland at the Sybir Memorial Museum (M. Zięckowska-Tuchlińska), 110

20th General Congress of Polish Historians (W. Walczak), 113

Scientific Conference “Resistance, Adaptation or Cooperation? Citizens of The Second Polish Republic in the Face of the Soviet Occupation Polish in 1939–1941” (J. Autuchiewicz), 115

“East Direction” Theater Festival (M. Zaniewska), 117

Reviews and writings

Tomasz Danilecki, Between Commitment, Adaptation and Opposition. Attitudes Inhabitants of the Białystok Voivodeship Towards the Elections Common in the Years 1957–1969 (E. Świętochowska), 120

Andrzej Gil, Eastern Churches in Livonia and Their Facilities in the Period From 18th Until the Beginning of the 19th Century. Contexts − Conditions − Traditions (W. Walczak), 123

Marcin Markiewicz, Thaw in the Provinces. Białystok Region 1956–1960, 124

Eugeniusz Mironowicz, The Great Wanderer (1915−1921) (A. Pyżewska), 126

 Anna Pytasz-Kołodziejczyk, Resources Properties Region 16th Century Operation (C. Kuklo), 127

Grzegorz Rąkowski, Borderland Residences. Castles, Palaces and Mansions in the Former Lands Eastern of the Second Polish Republic, vol. 1: Vilnius Province (K. Jodczyk), 129

Wojciech Śleszyński, Marcin Zwolski, They Came From the East. Soviet Occupation of the Eastern Territories of the Second Republic of Poland 1939–1941 (P. Niziołek), 131

Patryk Tomaszewski, Stefan Batory University in Vilnius in the Years 1919–1939. A Study of the History of the Organization and Ideological Attitudes of Students (W. Śleszyński), 132

A Breakthrough Year of Great War? edited by Jan Snopko, Grzegorz Zackiewicz (M. Kietliński), 133

First German Occupation. The Kingdom of Poland and the Eastern Borderlands Under the Occupation of Great Powers Central 1914–1918, edited by Grzegorz Kucharczyk (J. Snopko), 136

In memoriam

Stanisław Czerep, DSc (A. Dobroński), 138

Halina Krukowska, Prof. (S. Szarejko), 142

Bogusław Nowowiejski, Prof. (J. Autuchiewicz), 144